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Euro Café offers a unique and interesting twist on breakfast foods with its Portuguese and Italian cuisine. The warm atmosphere, created by the combination of the dim lights and the smell of freshly baked bread, matches the vintage and cozy setup.

Conveniently located near the entrance of a small plaza in Claremont, this cafe is hard to miss. Inside Euro Café, the pictures and simple paintings that decorate the walls create an old-fashioned vibe. The soft lighting and chalkboard menus match the simple theme. All of these decorative elements create the illusion of Italy being packed into a cultural cafe.

The menu offers a large variety of brunch foods, including omelets, paninis and salads. Many of the foods are classic American cuisine, but there are also many intriguing European specialties, such as the Bifana Panini and Cornucopia Salad. The drink menu has European coffees, soft drinks and a “create your own smoothie” option, all providing an authentic taste of Europe.

After ordering, each customer is provided with a table setting decorated with a European country’s flag that helps employees determine which table to deliver the food to. This creative and charming method of waiting tables further immerses customers in the European atmosphere of the restaurant.

The cashiers at Euro Café are quick and polite in taking orders during the breakfast rush, and the food is served by efficient and friendly employees. However, the small cafe usually has a lot of customers, so there are often few seats available.

I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Panini, which also comes with a large side of pasta salad. The panini includes melted cheese and savory steak topped with a tasty blend of bell peppers and onions. Unfortunately, the bread is somewhat stale, and the meat is slightly too dry. However, the melted cheese balances out the texture of the bread by adding a greasy undertone. The pasta salad is composed of pasta noodles, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and black olives, and the fresh vegetables give it an even more enriching taste. Although the pasta salad tastes delicious and serves as a healthy side, it is extremely filling and almost overshadows the Philly Cheesesteak Panini as the main course.

Though the food at Euro Café exceeds expectations, the pleasant ambience is the main element that attracts diners. The flavorful food, authentic Italian environment and reasonable prices for such large portions make dining at Euro Café a great experience.

By Melissa Kim, Staff writer

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