Chinatown’s hidden gem: Scoops

727 N Broadway #125, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hidden in a strip mall of Los Angeles’ Chinatown and surrounded by other food hot spots, Scoops, an artisanal ice cream parlor, is known for putting a twist on traditional flavors as well as creating some original ones. Every day, Scoops Chinatown receives a batch of eleven freshly made flavors sent from the original Scoops location in central Los Angeles. Scoops carries a wide variety of that cater to lovers of sweet and savory flavors.

Entering the strip mall, you’ll immediately notice the asian fusion restaurants that line the hallway. Walk down that hallway until you come across a quaint, pastel-themed storefront. The inside of Scoops is dim, with simple details that give off aesthetically pleasing vibes. After being greeted by the worker behind the counter, I approached an organized array of eleven flavors, ranging from vegan-friendly options like chocolate and peanut butter to unconventional ones like olive oil with rosemary and black sesame.

After sampling a few flavors, I decided on a rare mixture of chocolate, olive oil and sea salt as well as a scoop of brown sugar, peach and balsamic ice cream. To my surprise, what appeared on the menu as one scoop actually came as two, offering customers the choice of mixing and matching different flavors to create a new tasting experience each time. The brown sugar, peach and balsamic flavors were not as acidic as I had expected and had faint hints of balsamic and peach hidden beneath the creamy vanilla base. In each lick of the ice cream, I tasted small chunks of hardened brown sugar that combined with the creamy peach ice cream base and resulted in a crunchy yet smooth texture. The chocolate, olive oil and sea salt mixture was saltier than it had tasted in my sample, yet the slightest taste of olive oil became apparent in flavor, giving the ice cream a distinct creamy and savory sensation. Because each flavor came with a unique twist, finding my favorite one was exciting.

Many people enter Far East Plaza unaware of the hidden gem that awaits them, but they exit as fans of this extraordinary ice cream joint.


By: Bhalpriya Sandhu, Staff writer

Photo by Bhalpriya Sandhu

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