Coffee everyone can enjoy at Cityplus Coffee

I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to drinking bitter coffee – cold brews and black coffee don’t cut it for me, at least not yet. I’m all for frappuccinos or coffee with 5 packets of sugar while the real coffee lovers do their stuff, but Cityplus Coffee might make me a believer.

Cityplus Coffee has something for all types of coffee lovers, bitter or sweet.

The cafe was built for students – the benches that border the right wall are lined with outlets, one at each table side. A small, kid-sized table sits in the back corner while a bar table, complete with high-rise stools, stands near the front entrance. Modern design elements such as dangling wire-encased light bulbs and steel piping create an overall welcoming and chic ambience.  Customers walk in to be greeted by a glass window pane and a cabinet stand sporting a miniature assortment of utensils and cream and sugar that can be added to customize drinks.

The cafe’s menu offers not only coffee but also a variety of specialty teas, such as berry blast and minty chamomile, and sweet treats, including crepes and waffles. I ordered a cola drink, lavender latte and a Romeo and Juliet, a crepe with banana, strawberry, nutella, chocolate and house chantilly cream.

On a weekday afternoon, the cafe was mostly deserted except for a few people working on their laptops. My drinks came within the first five minutes, but the crepe took around 10. The cola drink is cold brew mixed with coke, which was oddly refreshing. The coke not only added a carbonated kick to the drink, but also the sweet taste of the coke surprisingly paired well with the bitter cold brew. The lavender latte was not as sweet as I expected it to be, but the rich coffee aftertaste and the faint, delicate hint of lavender complemented each other well for a satisfying drink.

Of all the things I ordered, the Romeo and Juliet crepe was by far the most impressive. Served on a white platter and drizzled over with chocolate syrup, the crepe itself was tucked neatly around diced bananas and strawberries. Whipped cream lines the opening of the crepe and acts as a filling for the fruits, and a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is provided on the side. The cream stuffing makes the whole crepe taste fluffy while a mellow and sweet flavor is created from the addition of the fruits.

As a fan of sweet coffees, I fell in love with the lavender latte, and I plan to revisit this cafe to try its other lattes as well. Cityplus Coffee is definitely worth a visit for not only its specialty drinks and desserts, but also its complementary student accommodations because quality cafes with workable environments are rarities to find.

By Haixin Guo, Manager
Photo by Haixin Guo