Disappointment at Dilliwala

Situated in a rather empty plaza in Diamond Bar, Dilliwala failed to meet my expectations for its Indian food. I ordered the Garlic Naan Bread, a type of flatbread, and the Gilafi Paneer, some bite size paneer and potato balls. The Garlic Naan had a strong aroma and a rather large portion for its price of three dollars, but it lacked taste of any kind. Its texture was similar to flatbread, though it was more dry, and the toppings were very bland. The Gilafi Paneer had a nicer appearance, but it also tasted flavorless, even when dipped in the green chutney or the tamarind sauce. In addition, this dish had a strange flavoring that made the potato balls taste different from what would be expected. For its price of seven dollars, there were only about eight small potato balls. Overall, I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone who prefers strong flavors in his or her cuisine, and for people looking for a cheap meal, this would not be the place to go.

By Emily Chen, Staff writer

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