Drink haven at TANCCA

18423 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

TANCCA is a cozy, rustic cafe that serves lattes and homemade cheese cream on top of its specialty teas. It is located within a cluster of shops in the Colima plaza. Despite being a small tea room, the comforting interior appearance of the cafe provides a welcoming setting to its customers.  

When I entered I was greeted with the aroma of leather in the room and the dim but charming lights that provided a warm ambience. The cafe space is mainly occupied by a compact, open kitchen and register at the front while small, high rise tables fill the back of the room and mini java-colored couches with spacious wooden tables occupy the side wall. Grayscale colors make up most of the space while colorful canvasses hang from the wall, making the setting look like an art gallery. Stylish steampunk shelves with chic decorations and antiques dominate two corners while classy, hip and modern jazz background music add to the pleasant atmosphere of the cafe. The music was loud enough that you could not hear people at other tables but was soft enough for you to hear your friends clearly. Together, the classic colors and decorations provide a cozy feeling that is perfect for study sessions and friend hangouts.

The cafe offers a variety of drinks ranging from a selection of specialty milk teas to fruit teas. The prices were all surprisingly high, more than the average boba shop. However, considering the quality of the drinks, it was worth the price. I ordered the two most popular drinks: Red Jade Milk Tea with Tiramisu Puffcream and Uji Matcha Latte with Cheese Foam.

The Red Jade Milk Tea with Tiramisu Puffcream was topped with a generous layer of white cream with delicate coffee and chocolate powder sprinkled on top. Besides the cream, milk tea filled the entire cup, which was satisfactory for the price. Despite the base layer of ice, the top of the milk tea was slightly warmed from the blanket of cream. Since both drinks consisted of a dense layer of cream, it was difficult to drink the tea below it. However, when the tea was combined with the cream in the drink, the overwhelming thickness of the cream balanced out with the light and soothing milk tea. The tiramisu cream made the whole drink enjoyable despite being too thick.

The Uji Matcha Latte with Cheese Foam had a layer of pure white cheese cream on top of the sweet matcha green tea. When I took a sip of the latte, I was immediately overwhelmed by the saltiness of the cheese cream. The cream was buttery, but it tasted and smelled like sour greek yogurt. The matcha tea tasted natural and sweet, but the cream of the drink made the whole experience disappointing.

Both drinks left me feeling comfortably content and a bit drowsy due to the thickness of the cream. To add to the presentation of each menu item, a miniature spoon in the shape of a shovel was taped to the side and was used to eat the thick cream. All of the little decorations and cute details contributed to the delicately-prepared and dessert-like presentation of the drinks.

I would recommend this cafe to people who like sweet drinks as the majority of the menu consists of these sugary flavors. Moreover, the presentation of every drink is very captivating and intricately-made. This is an ideal place for catching up or having a study session with friends as the decorations and calming atmosphere creates a perfect setting for any friendly gathering.  

By Annie Li, Staff writer
Photo by Annie Li

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