Enjoy a taste of Italy


Osteria Pane e Vino is an Italian restaurant located in downtown Covina that serves authentic foods from northern Italy. In Italian, the restaurant’s name means “simple bread and wine.” As the restaurant’s name suggests, Pane e Vino’s foods are made from scratch, and the authentic Neapolitan flavor provides a delicious and satisfactory meal.

Smooth jazz songs welcome customers into the small, cozy interior dominated by a sophisticated wine counter. Sketches of angels and framed grayscale pictures of famous Italian-American actors adorn the beige and brown walls, and dim light bulbs hanging from the ceiling add to the warm ambience.

The staff helps customers feel at home by offering recommendations and making light conversation throughout the meal. The Pane e Vino menu has a decent selection of foods, ranging from risotto balls to clam and mussel pizza.

To start off the meal, a free basket of focaccia, an authentic Italian bread flavored with herbs, is served. The bread’s delicate but rich taste makes it an excellent opening appetizer.

I ordered the fennel sausage pizza and the fusilli with eggplant, smoked mozzarella and tomato sauce. Though the fennel sausage pizza has a crisp, thin crust and flavorful meat, the lack of marinara sauce makes it slightly dry. The fusilli has a delicate, home-made taste, and roasted pieces of eggplant add a bitter but unique flavor to the pasta.

Pane e Vino is the ideal Italian restaurant for people seeking an appetizing meal that isn’t too greasy. The friendly staff and easygoing music will set you at ease, so sit back, scan the menu and bon appétit!

By Haixin Guo, Staff writer

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