Enjoying Urth

Like anyone, I always enjoy going to cafes and bakeries to hang out and get work done, so it was not a surprise that I enjoyed my brunch at Urth Caffe, a cafe that specializes in coffee and tea and has variety of drinks, pizza and sandwiches.

Driving past the corner of Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, I saw the cafe where a long line was forming outside. Walking in the cafe, there was a casual atmosphere as a result of the instrumental background music and people talking with their friends, families or acquaintances. Even though it was really crowded and took quite a while to get through, I was able to order and find a table outside under a tree. This created a pleasant experience to casually talk and eat with my family outside because I usually don’t sit outside. The service was great and the waiters were friendly throughout my experience at the cafe.

I ordered a D’lox pizza, which was a small pizza with smoked salmon, ricotta cheese and an arugula fennel salad. It tasted delicious and savory with a little sprig of oregano on the side which also came with salad and ricotta. I would’ve liked to see a little more smoked salmon because there were only around four small pieces. I also had the Nicoise salad, which came with butter lettuce, olives, three different baby potatoes and soft boiled eggs. The sour taste of vinegar was balanced out by the sweet grape tomatoes and mild-tasting potatoes as they all made a perfect combination.

I tried the Spanish Latte Strong and Matcha Green Tea. The Spanish Latte Strong was amazing because the bitterness of the coffee was perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the cream and sugar. I tried the Matcha Green Tea that my dad ordered. The matcha in the tea hit the spot because of its uniquely rich, bitter taste, followed by a lingering sweetness. Then to warm me up in the cool morning, I sampled my sister’s drink, the Mocha Mint, a warm drink that consisted of whip cream and mint chocolate shavings. To my disappointment, I found the drink too sweet, which did not satisfy my taste buds. But despite the overload of sweetness, the drink warmed me up while leaving a cool aftertaste with the hint of mint.

During my stay at Urth Caffe, the waiter checked on us multiple times even though we sat outside. And because of the casual atmosphere, I stayed longer than expected. The pizza was nothing like I’ve had before and the salad came with almost every dish. I would suggest Urth Caffe to anyone who likes to eat brunch-like foods and the casual atmosphere.

By Eric Peng, Staff writer

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