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Cozy Thai Cuisine specializes in Thai cuisine with appetizing, authentic flavors that satisfy growling stomachs at affordable prices.

Tucked away among small businesses in West Covina’s Canyon Center Plaza, the restaurant space is mainly occupied by an open kitchen in the front, and the cramped seating area extends into a long, narrow hallway. The walls are decorated with Thai-style textiles and painted with bright, stimulating colors, and these authentic elements add to the exotic ambience of the restaurant. The dim, warm glow of the ceiling lights contributes to the calm atmosphere as well. Together, the comforting colors and decorations build a welcoming environment that is suitable for family outings.

The Cozy Thai Cuisine menu offers a variety of delicious choices, ranging from appetizers such as Crab Cream Cheese to desserts including Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango. The restaurant staff is attentive to its customers’ needs, and the friendly service enhances the cozy, inviting mood of the restaurant.

I ordered Thai iced tea and Pad See Ew, a popular Thai dish with flat noodles fried with broccoli and egg. Cozy Thai Cuisine’s Thai iced tea is sweet and refreshing, and it complements the dry taste of the Pad See Ew. Although the Pad See Ew is relatively sweet and tasty, the meat is too chunky and overdone. Unfortunately, I also found some eggshells in my Pad See Ew, and the unsatisfactory dish made the experience disappointing overall.

I would recommend this restaurant to people who like sweet flavors, which are commonly used in Cozy Thai Cafe’s menu. This restaurant offers quick meals at affordable prices and is a convenient place for students looking for a casual meal. Cozy Thai Cuisine’s comfortable atmosphere creates a great setting for family lunches and friendly gatherings.

By Eunice Lin, Staff writer

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