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Experiment at Pokinometry


Anyone eating poki or even raw fish for the first time may be suspicious of eating uncooked food, but Pokinometry in Anaheim provides a surprisingly pleasant, new eating experience with its signature create-your-own Pokibowl.

Pokinometry displays an assembly line of ingredients that customers can choose from, much like fast food restaurants such as Chipotle and Subway. This format makes the ordering process relatively fast and convenient for customers.

The overwhelming variety of food choices will definitely impress most customers. I ordered a medium-sized Pokibowl with white rice as the base. For the actual hearty substance of the meal, I requested crab meat, avocados, cucumbers, raw salmon, shrimp and scallop. Sesame seeds, green onions and the mildly spicy Original Nometry Sauce topped the bowl off.

Although the food is not as aesthetically pleasing as Pokinometry’s website suggests, the taste of the poki surpasses expectations on all levels. The ingredients, such as the cucumbers and avocados, are all freshly prepared. It might take a while to get used to the raw salmon’s mushy consistency, but the Pokibowl is an overall masterpiece. The Original Nometry Sauce’s spicy flavor enhances the otherwise plain parts of the dish and packs a punch in every bite. For $8.75, the Pokibowl may seem a little bit pricey, but the large portions and delicious combination of ingredients definitely make it worth it.

Pokinometry’s fast food style fits perfectly with its bustling atmosphere, which feels like a miniature mall cafeteria designed for quick dining. While there are some paintings on the wall that help modernize the restaurant, the whole restaurant is missing the vibrant decor needed to match the positive, fast-paced vibe the employees have. However, the lively crowd of people flooding into the small restaurant is enough to create an animated environment. Pokinometry’s blasting pop music and chatting customers make it an interesting place to enjoy a quick, satisfying meal.

By Kevin Arifin, Staff writer

Photo by Kevin Arifin

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