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Fun food and desserts at Farrells

Located in an inviting plaza in downtown Brea, Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant is a circus-themed restaurant known for its variety of ice cream flavors and cheerful atmosphere. With the fun-loving spirit of the staff and the high-quality food of the restaurant, Farrell’s is the ideal place to go for a bite to eat with family or friends to celebrate special occasions or to reconnect with loved ones.

As I reached Farrell’s, I was awestruck by the flashing neon lights and the beautiful, vintage, bold sign that contributed to the warm and welcoming feel of the restaurant. The red colors on the exterior and the awnings above the windows of the place reminded me of a circus. Stepping into the crowded building, I saw people surrounding the entrance, waiting for their chance to get a seat. To the right of the entrance, people were crowding around a mini candy shop, seeing what the shop had to offer. The wait was about 30 minutes, and the intricately decorated lamps strung up on the ceiling contributed to the festive feel of the restaurant.

Farrell’s offers a menu, which consisted of a wide variety of appetizers, salads, soups, foods and desserts. I requested a custom burger consisting of a natural beef patty, a brioche bun, Swiss cheese, Farrell’s sauce, homemade barbecue, tomatoes, grilled onions and french fries on the side. The wait was rather short, and the waitress would check in every so often. Despite the amount of consumers at the restaurant, the staff made sure to regard all customers and tried to be as efficient as possible. The flavors of the handheld complemented each other to create a sweet, savory taste, and the pickle added a tang to make the burger less dull. While the barbecue sauce provided a grilled taste to the burger, the handmade Farrell’s sauce contributed to the overall appetizing entree.

For dessert, I ordered a Farrell’s Classic Sundae with hot fudge. The aesthetic sundae contained one scoop of cold vanilla ice cream, hot fudge at the base of the sundae, whipped cream, a cherry and nuts sprinkled on top of the sundae. The whipped cream seemed to dissolve in my mouth, while the vanilla ice cream did not melt as easily.

With its lively staff and festive ambience, I would recommend this parlor to anybody looking to enjoy a meal or celebrate a birthday or holiday, if they do not mind the wait. With its sensual exterior that matches the lively vibe of the interior, Farrell’s offers a unique and rewarding adventure.

By Flora Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Flora Lei

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