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Garcia’s Fruits offers rich flavors


Located in South El Monte in Victoria Plaza, Garcia’s Fruits is a hole-in-the-wall joint famous for its Chamango dessert and other Mexican treats. While the quality of ingredients is exceptional, the flavors are an acquired taste that may not be for everyone.

Upon entering I was surprised because the Mexican candies displayed through clear glass and the sweet smell of ripe mangoes intrigued all my senses. Buckets of brightly colored sorbet made from scratch are lined up in the front of the store ready to be scooped. The staff was extremely friendly towards me and explained their most popular items.The items usually cost between four to six dollars depending on the dessert. While it may seem a bit overpriced the huge portions certainly make up for it.

After examining its extensive menu of sorbets and fruit juices, I decided to order its signature Chamango and a mango sorbet. The Chamango is a mixture of three sorbets of your choice with chamoy sauce, a Mexican condiment made of chilies and preserved fruits. Fresh mangoes and lime juice are layered over it and a tamarind candy straw is sticked in.

The first bite was pure salt with no trace of other flavors, leaving a disappointing first impression. However, when carefully mixed, the sweet sorbet with the spicy, salty chamoy and a touch of the sour lime juice is surprisingly well-balanced. The mango topping tasted like candy and paired nicely with the deep flavors of chile and sharpness of the lime. The mango sorbet’s icy consistency makes it refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. The ratio of chamoy sauce to the sorbet made is difficult to enjoy all the other elements of the dessert. After a couple of bites the syrupy sweetness of the mango became overwhelmingly heavy on my taste buds. While there was a variety of textures and flavors to taste they often clashed or overpowered each other until there was no clear taste.

Overall this experience was enjoyable because of the accommodating service and authentic taste that produced a concoction i’d never knew existed. While the prices are reasonable and the portions are large, I would not recommend this spot for people who are sensitive to strong flavors. Some might not be able to make it past the salty ingredients that is not often in many desserts. Garcia’s Fruits is the perfect place to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

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