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Green Tomato Grill is an Asian fast food restaurant that brings a twist to other fast food restaurants with burgers and fries. The grill provides healthy, organic food and serves a variety of fresh food with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. It is located at a small plaza in Brea next to a suburban neighborhood. The large green lettering outside and the bright lights inside provides a welcoming feel to the restaurant.

When I first entered, I noticed the calming ambience that created a clean feel. Light bulbs dangle from wooden rafters over a large communal table, while the walls alternate between green and white. A large blackboard wall, along with a condiments and drinks area, is covered with descriptions of drinks on the menu, drawings of trees and their varying brands of ale. The grass-covered patio outside is a relaxing space to enjoy a meal. It matches the rustic design of the interior with a fountain and large tables; the inside is filled with many neatly aligned, wooden tables of different sizes.

Green Tomato Grill offers grill bowls, sandwich melts and burgers, wraps, salads and breakfast scrambles. Winter specials, including Butternut Squash Tacos and Braised Rosemary Lamb, are also available. I ordered the Teriyaki Bowl, which comes in both regular and large sizes, and CK’s World Famous Fish Tacos. The menu also offers an array of exotic sauces, including Strawberry Beet, Greek Vinaigrette, Habanero Fire and their own Green Tomato Grill sauce.

After only a couple of minutes of waiting, my food arrived. The three fish tacos were filled with a blackened wild ono, avocado, cabbage, carrots, cilantro and onions served on grilled corn tortillas and chipotle ranch. The avocado flavor doesn’t blend well with the saltier taste of the fish. Furthermore, the fish was undercooked. Instead of having a lasting taste, it was bland and dry; it wasn’t as tangy as it could have been. Perhaps another sauce, such as Chile Verde, would be a good complement to the tacos. At $9.95, the three average-sized tacos were also a bit overpriced for the small serving size.

Afterwards, the Teriyaki Bowl was served with grilled teriyaki chicken sautéed with cabbage, carrots, edamame, onions and snow peas over white rice. The teriyaki chicken was well-grilled; its sweet and sour flavor and tangy texture balanced the subtle taste of slightly seasoned white rice. Most drinks are self-served, and the restaurant also makes their own organic agave lemonade in different exotic flavors, such as pineapple berry, cucumber ginger mint, jalapeno and mandarin orange. The unique agave nectar in the lemonade makes the drink refreshing and not too sweet. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the grill’s healthy meals.

Overall, the restaurant interior provides a relaxing aesthetic and the Grill produces nutritious tasty food. If you’re into Asian fusion, fresh cuisine or anything to jumpstart your day, Green Tomato Grill is a place worth visiting. It challenges fast-food industry norms with organic, healthy foods that are perfect for any meal of the day.

Written by Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photo by Jeremy Hsiao

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