Good food, good vibes at Anaheim Packing House


Anaheim Packing House is a great hangout spot for those who want to grab a delicious meal in a comfortable setting. It offers a plentiful amount of various cuisines as well as pleasant seating for anyone to sit down and enjoy quality food.

Though often packed, especially during weekend afternoons, Anaheim Packing House provides valet parking for only $3 so you can easily skip the long searches for a parking spot. The storefront presents a docking porch that stretches the entire building, decked with bright baby blue rocking chairs. Inside, windows span the entire ceiling and allow for a grand effusion of natural lighting. The generous amount of shrubbery that hangs over the lower floor adds a cozy, calm feel to the hipster-vibed building. Many features such as old wooden floorboard and industrial light fixtures were salvaged from when the building was still an actual packing house. These mixtures of simple and rough decor harmonized in a coherent way that strengthened the lax vibe the Packing House is known for.

From The Kroft, I ordered Chicken Pot Fries and Fried Cheese Curds. The poutine fries, a traditional Canadian dish that combines french fries with gravy, was a perfect blend of savory gravy, familiar chicken pot pie and crispy golden hand-cut french fries. Warm and tender, the bits of chicken truly embraced the taste of chicken pot pie. However, the addition of cheese curds was what stood out to me. A staple in all poutine, these cheese curds were fresh, stringy and chewy, which provided a different but nice texture to the platter. I was not completely hooked on the Fried Cheese Curds, though. After tasting the delicious curds in the french fries, I was expecting the cheese curds to be just as if not more phenomenal. I was wrong, unfortunately, once I took the first bite. Though beautifully deep-fried to perfection, these minute nuggets tasted similar to fried mozzarella sticks. They were by no means unappetizing but were rather normal compared to what I had experienced and what was offered on The Kroft’s menu.

I bought a Frozen Hot Chocolate, waffle cone and watermelon ice bar from Dark 180, Han’s Homemade Ice Cream and Pop Bar, respectively. Since it was topped with fresh whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings, I was certain this cool beverage would taste great. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. The deep, rich chocolate flavor that melted on my tongue quickly quenched my thirst and satisfied my deepest chocolate cravings.

After a long deliberation of which decadent flavor to choose at Han’s, I opted for Melon Bar and Lemon Custard in a waffle cup. I got a generous scoop of each, but immediately noticed the Lemon Custard’s strange consistency. The scoop was runny and looked more liquid than how ice cream should be – a sure sign of melting ice cream. Aside from judging the appearances, I still enjoyed the sweetness of the honeydew melon and the subtle tartness of the citrus. The lemon flavor was tangy but not exceedingly sour.

My favorite dessert was definitely the watermelon ice pop. Usually I go for creamier chilled sweets, but after consuming such heavy and rich foods, I decided to give fruits a chance by ordering a watermelon pop. What is unique about Pop Bar is that it offers a wide selection of ice cold popsicles, from gelatos to sorbets. After choosing a frozen treat, customers can pick a chocolate sauce to dip it in – half or fully covered – and one or multiple toppings such as nuts or caramel clusters. I went for a milk chocolate sauce dipped halfway with chopped almonds. This item was by far my favorite frozen dessert because it was refreshing and cleansing. The watermelon was so prominent in the popsicle, it was like eating a watermelon right off the rind. The sweet chocolate shell and crunchy nuts added even more depth to the fruit-blasted sorbet pop. It was truly ice on a stick, reinvented.

My trip to Anaheim Packing House was a fun-filled plethora of flavors. However, with amazingly well-crafted food comes the sacrifice of the wallet. The Chicken Pot Fries, Fried Cheese Curds, Frozen Hot Chocolate and ice cream came out to be at least $25, with the watermelon ice pop alone costing about $5. Despite this, I was pleased with what I received and thus, no dish was left feeling like a waste.

This place is a great destination for weekend visits with friends and family. Anaheim Packing House’s friendly atmosphere and delicious meals are sure to satisfy any kind of cravings. Just remember to save up and prepare your palate for a day of adventures.

By Sabrina Wan, Scene editor

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