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Located on the busy street of North Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park, Hooshik is a small modern cafe that specializes in Strumptown coffee and the traditional Korean shaved ice dessert “patbingsoo.” This place offers various modern flavors to the classic Korean dessert and is definitely worth stopping by for a light and flavorful treat.

White walls and wooden tables fill the small cafe, and the abundant natural light makes the seemingly tight space seem big enough to have an intimate conversation without feeling overcrowded. A sleek countertop decorated with bags of Strumptown coffee beans and greenery add to the earthy decor. The menu offers its signature “falling snow,” otherwise known as “patbingsoo,” Strumptown coffee and thick Korean-style toast with loads of toppings such as mochi and sweet potatoes. Hooshik separates itself from other dessert places because it offers around 10 different flavors of shaved ice, ranging from the classic Injeolmi Falling Snow to more the more contemporary Cheesecake Falling Snow.

I ordered the Green Tea Falling Snow, which is the most popular flavor at Hooshik. Since the portion is fairly large, it’s best to share a bowl of falling snow with a small group of friends. The presentation is very aesthetically pleasing; lightly sprinkled almonds, scoops of green tea ice cream, red bean paste stacked on each other and chocolate syrup drizzled on top embellish the mound of shaved ice. A small container of condensed milk on the side offers extra flavor for those who have a sweet tooth.

The shaved ice is extremely light and fluffy, and unlike typical thinly layered shaved ice, Hooshik’s falling snow gives a consistency that actually resembles the soft and powdery feeling of fresh snow. The ingredients blend harmoniously together, with different textures from the smooth ice cream and crunchy almonds coming together to make a flavorful dessert. The slight bitterness of the matcha powder, the brittleness of the almonds and the sweetness of the green tea ice cream give the dessert various dimensions. I initially thought that all of the ingredients were piled on the very top and would leave the rest of the ice flavorless, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that additional layers of matcha powder and red bean paste are embedded in the falling snow throughout the bowl. Moreover, the bottom of the bowl is filled with even more ice cream, making the dessert completely worth its full price of $8.

As a lover of ice cream and cold desserts, I quickly became a fan of falling snow. Hooshik is definitely worth a visit, as there are not many “patbingsoo” places in the area. It distinguishes itself from most other creameries and shaved snow shops in the area with its modern atmosphere, notable menu options and wide variety of flavors.

By Anita Chuen, Manager

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