Icy treats at Cloud Shaved Snow


Soft, fluffy and cold are most likely the first words that come to your mind when you hear the word “snow,” and this is exactly how it tasted when I tried it. Unlike other ice cream parlors, Cloud Shaved Snow serves “snow,” which is a creamy version of shaved ice. The snow incorporates components of refreshing and light shaved ice and creamy ice cream.

Despite the lack of people that day, I could not help but notice the lively atmosphere as it is inviting as it is very colorful and decorative. A TV is provided for entertainment, a children’s station is located at the corner of the room and the chalk menu is aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors. The place overall is comforting because of its similar setting to a house.

One of the first items I ordered was the Matcha Wafu. The toppings, which include red beans, mochi and whip cream, are all piled on top of each other so when taking a bite there is a variety of soft, chewy and creamy textures. The matcha does not taste like the average green tea flavor you buy at the store; it tastes natural and has a sweet, rich flavor.

Next, I ordered snow and chose the cinnamon flavor with granola toppings. However, my first bite disappointed me. I expected the cinnamon to have a strong, sweet taste and the granola to be an accompaniment, but it was the other way around. The cinnamon had absolutely no taste, so the granola tasted stronger than the snow. The crunchiness of the granola, however, provided a good contrast to the creaminess.

Although the cinnamon flavor was not strong, I would highly recommend stopping by. Cloud Shaved Snow provides a variety of good quality flavors and toppings and the fluffy snow melts right on your tongue.

By Airi Gonzalez, Tech team

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