In-n-Out’s Not So Secret Menu Items


Known for its impeccable burgers and fresh ingredients, In-N-Out takes on new combinations to create unique flavors.

In-N-Out features red and white colored walls, neon yellow signs and a palm tree pattern along the walls that create a retro theme. Old-fashioned artwork hanging on the walls add to the overall 70s sensation. During rush hour, which was around 2 p.m., the fast food restaurant was crowded and very loud with many families and friends calling to each other as they hurried to get their food. Customers rushed to any open table they could find, while workers buzzed around trying to meet the constant needs of consumers. The staff was very polite and efficient, opening doors for customers while cleaning the floors.

A secret menu is a hidden menu that is not displayed in a public restaurant but can usually be found online. These menus normally consist of food or drink items that mix ingredients to form new creations, making a new spin on regular menu items.

I looked up In-N-Out’s secret menu from my phone and discovered that the items, although unique, were very few in number. Options on the secret menu contained an odd combination of ingredients, such as lettuce wrapped around a meat patty or a blend of the classic flavors of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate milkshakes to form one concoction. With only a few options, I settled for the animal-style cheeseburgers and the animal-style fries, which cost more than twice the price of normal french fries at In-N-Out.

My first impression was how appetizing the meal looked. The melted cheese and grilled, chopped onions that were cast throughout the Thousand Island were layered over warm french fries. The mixture of lettuce, melted cheese, red tomatoes, juicy pickles and a mustard-grilled patty in the burger was equally appealing.

For the fries, the salty and sweet flavor of the grilled onions was stronger when combined with the tangy Thousand Island spread. The melted cheese pulled everything together, making a perfect trio of ingredients. The only flaw that I noticed was that these ingredients were not evenly distributed throughout the fries.

In the first bite of the animal-style burger, the flavor and texture of the cold, salty pickles were the first elements to come through. Their saltiness stood out against all the other flavors, and the lettuce added to the crunchiness of the burger. When combined, the texture of the entire cheeseburger and its balance of flavors were especially pleasing to me. The cold, crispness of the tomatoes provided a nice contrast from the warm meat and cheese, tying together the burger’s components.

In-n-Out’s animal-style french fries are perfect if you want to experiment with something new. If you are looking for a secret menu item packed with bold flavors and fresh ingredients, the animal-style cheeseburger is the right choice for you. With its friendly atmosphere and its savory, mouth-watering food options, In-N-Out offers many ways for you to have a pleasant, enjoyable time.

By Samantha Lee, Staff writer

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