#instagramworthyphotos: Sugarfina

Nestled in the alleyways of Old Town Pasadena lies a hidden gem, Sugarfina. A wide selection of expensive colorful candies, from champagne gummy bears to caramel eggs, lines the walls of the luxury candy boutique. The bright white interior is accented by the Tiffany blue boxes and writing on the walls. “Candy is always a good idea,” the wall reads in gold surrounded by a cluster of white paper flowers. Customers can look forward to shopping in a pristine and elegant environment surrounded by a unique collection of candy.

At Sugarfina, rows of sweets neatly line the wall on display.

Rows of sweets neatly line the wall on display.

At Sugarfina, bright assortments of unique candy pop out against the white interior.

By Natalie Jiang, Staff writer

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