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It’s almost Puffect

If you’re anything of a sweets enthusiast like me, you’ll find Puffect Bakery and Cafe to be the perfect place for you. Loaded with an enormous amount of cupcakes, custom macarons, cakes and other delectable sweets, this place has it all.

Situated behind the newly opened drive-thru Starbucks, it wasn’t hard for me to miss this tiny bakery. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the shortage of customers and experienced the awkwardness of walking in to a nearly empty store. I could hear the hum of gentle music playing in the background, just loud enough to break the monotonous silence and occasionally interrupted by soft chattering. I was first drawn to the stream of silver chandeliers that hung above each table, giving the room a very chic, yet edgy touch. The amount of effort put into every little decoration was impeccable.

Despite the limited selection of food on the menu, there was an abundance of interesting macaron flavors for me to choose from–samoa, cookie butter, earl grey, jasmine, taro, pomegranate–not the typical macarons you would find at any bakery. I finally settled for the Thai Tea macaron. At first bite, it seemed bland–the flavor was lost in the midst of the crisp shell and creamy, fluffy filling. But after a second, larger bite, I thought otherwise. The light and fresh Thai Tea flavor was punctuated with an occasional flavor of sweetness.

Seeing how much the customers next to me were enjoying their Strawberry Banana Nutella Egg Puff, a Hong Kong street-style waffle dessert, I couldn’t resist ordering one for myself. Much to my delight, the waffles topped with strawberries, bananas, powdered sugar and a drizzle of Nutella created a warm texture that melted in my mouth. However, the crunchiness of the waffles, tart strawberries and lack of nutella and strawberries left the dish to be lackluster.

To accompany my sweets, I ordered a Green Machine smoothie, a blend of spinach, pineapple and apple. To my disappointment, I found the drink to be a bit pulpy and unevenly mixed, giving an unpleasant texture. The apple and spinach flavor was too potent, drowning out the pineapple. Although the drink was slightly sweet for my liking, the hint of freshness of the fruits added a nice bit of zest. Despite its minor flaws, the smoothie was a healthy alternative to artificial drinks, comprising only natural ingredients.

Puffect could work on expanding its menu to offer a greater variety of “cafe-like” food, such as sandwiches, salads, muffins and scones. Aside from the hefty $2 I paid for a single macaron, the other items were reasonably priced. Still, with a welcoming staff, chic decor and down-to-earth vibe, I definitely suggest giving Puffect Bakery and Cafe a try if you are ever looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

By Sophia Ding, Staff writer

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