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3646 Nogales St, West Covina, CA 91792

As a person who constantly enjoys finding new cafes to try, I was looking forward to visiting Be Bee Tea and Desserts, a small cafe that specializes in Asian teas and sweets, such as tapioca and fruit rolls. However, Be Bee lacked outstanding food and did not leave a memorable mark.

Although the cafe’s interior is relatively small, it is still spacious and offers a decent amount of seating. Modern artwork that line the walls and potted plants that perch on a steel-framed shelf create a comfortable atmosphere that is ideal for quiet studying or casual conversation.

The cashier was welcoming and patient as I took my time to browse the menu. Although the menu is limited in the types of desserts it sells, it offers them in a variety of fruit flavors and also has a wide range of tea beverages. I decided to order a mixed fruit tapioca, green tea mille crêpe and mango roll.

The tapioca was served as a chilled dish in sweetened coconut milk topped with honeydew, cantaloupe and chia seeds. This classic Hong Kong dessert tasted delicious because the coconut milk was not too sweet and was extremely light and smooth. It was a wonderful balance between creamy milk and fresh fruits. The chia seeds also added a nice, slight crunch to each spoonful I took.

The green tea mille crêpe combines Asian flavors into a traditional French cake, which is made from many alternating layers of thin crêpe and cream. When I took a bite, I noted the light, spongy texture of the cake. While I enjoyed how fresh and fluffy the cake was, I was a bit disappointed in the actual flavor. The green tea was too subtle and the taste was mostly only detectable in the powdered matcha sprinkled on top.

My least favorite dish was the mango roll, which consisted of sliced mangoes wrapped in a thin coconut rice noodle sheet and drizzled with mango sauce. I expected the dessert to be fruity and sweet, but it was overly sour. Perhaps the fruit was not ripe, but the sauce on top was also tart, adding to the sour taste. The coconut sheet was flavorless and when combined with the mango, it did not do much except create a slippery and slimy texture.

Be Bee’s relaxing ambience would make for a comfortable destination for people of all ages to unwind. While I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy fruit tapioca, the sour mango roll failed to meet my expectations. Nevertheless, Be Bee is distinct in the types of desserts it features and is worth a try.

By Sabrina Wan, Staff writer
Photo by Sabrina Wan

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