Mediocrity at Love Letter Pizza and Chicken


Packed beside countless other unassuming restaurants and cafes on Colima, Love Letter Pizza & Chicken easily blended in and was quite difficult to find. However, what made it especially harder to find was that its main sign wasn’t in English. This kind of disconnect, I felt, was sadly reflected in the food as well, since its entrées were simply adequate though clearly had the potential to be so much better.

In honor of the restaurant’s name, I ordered pizza and chicken, both of which gave me mixed results. As I ate a modest slice of the Supreme Pizza, I enjoyed its array of quality ingredients. This included the cheese’s fresh stringiness as it worked well with the medley of diverse toppings like bulgogi beef and pineapple. These toppings proved that the pizza didn’t rely solely on overwhelming saltiness for flavor, since there was a distinct deliciousness that was often met with the refreshing taste of vegetables and pineapple. While some of the ingredients had made their impact and raised my expectations for an amazing pizza, the pizza still fell flat for me. For one thing, I was unable to taste the bulgogi beef, which hindered what would have been a dynamic arrangement of flavors. Furthermore, there weren’t enough toppings, so after a while, I would taste more of the bland pizza dough than the toppings.

Similarly, the popcorn chicken with its mild sauce would have made a very delicious meal, if there were a few minor tweaks to the recipe. Even though I ordered the popcorn chicken with a mild sauce, it was too strong with the taste of garlic spiciness, overwhelming my taste buds. This disappointed me because I could tell that the chicken was fried just right and crisply.

Overall, it was a mediocre experience at Love Letter Pizza & Chicken because the restaurant had certainly made the stellar effort, but it just wasn’t quite right. Little details such as the pizza’s flavorless dough or the popcorn chicken’s overuse of sauce contributed to such an average experience. Hopefully these minor deficiencies will be rectified in the future.

By Nikita Patel, Arts editor

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