Nutritious meals at Dr.Grubb’s

Dr. Grubb’s, a restaurant primarily dedicated to health enthusiasts, has fresh, nutritious foods, a clean interior design, an easygoing atmosphere and amiable employers.  

When I initially heard about the concept of a healthy restaurant containing high-quality and delicious food, I was thrilled because I thought I had finally found the restaurant I could eat at without feeling guilty about overindulging in unhealthy foods. As a result, I came in with high expectations.

When I walked in, I immediately noticed a unique bar design, with a long L-shaped table dominating the room, lights overhanging above it and tall chairs lining in front of the table. The choice of this design gave the place a wild impression, reflecting the innovativeness of the restaurant. As I made my way to the front of the table, I noticed an enormous menu taking up most of the back wall, which displayed combo options of protein (presumably the main dish), side dishes and sauces to go with it. I also noted that there was a smaller paper version of the menu in which the customer can bubble in their choices and hand it to the waiter. While I found this incredibly convenient in relaying information quickly and effectively, the smaller menu lacked some of the items in the larger menu, which confused me. Nevertheless, I ordered and sat on one of the tall chairs, taking note of certain design elements of the restaurant, such as the large sign with the name “Dr. Grubbs” written in an informal font, the light color scheme of the walls, the beers located in a smaller table up front (further giving that bar-like impression), the wooden design of the table and the conspicuous, prominent windows that allow me to see the scenery outside.

As for the food, I was disappointed. I ordered regular chicken with teriyaki sauce and hot penne pasta, some of my favorite foods that I eat on a regular basis. Although my meal looked visually appealing, the taste betrayed the appearance. While the chicken was somewhat delicious, the pasta tasted bland and dry. The pasta sauce did not seem to be flavorful enough, lacking the classic “tomato, cheesy” taste that is normally associated with pasta. If it wasn’t for the teriyaki sauce, the chicken would have tasted mediocre as well. I did not feel any satisfaction while eating. In addition, shortly after finishing my food, I had this strange aftertaste in my mouth. Overall, the total cost turned out to be around $10, which in my opinion, was definitely not worth it.

While I did appreciate the aesthetic of the place, the food was subpar. In the end, I would not recommend this place for someone looking to eat something comforting and satisfying; however, I would recommend this place for someone looking to improve upon their diet.

By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor
Photo by Raymond Dunn