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Augie’s is a modern coffee shop located in Claremont that is combined with à la minute, an ice cream shop. The shops are located in a packing house filled with other stores and diners. The packing house is quiet and comfortable, setting the tone for a day of studying.

The interior is mainly made out of wood with the exception of tile behind the counter. The place adds a playful twist with its bright yellow high chairs and framed artwork made by previous customers. Although Augie’s and à la minute are in the same shop, they are divided with their logos on the tile wall in the back of the shop, letting the customers know where to order.

Lively pop music fills the place and contrasts with the overall ambience of the place. The ice cream and coffee machines can be a bit noisy at times, so seating is also offered outside of the shop to escape the loud sounds. The shops give all customers free Wi-Fi, but they tend to get a little packed.

I ordered the strawberry sorbet ice cream from à la minute, which is strawberry ice cream with strawberry compote on top. The ice cream is made by hand in front of customers and presented beautifully. At first the heavy strawberry flavors can be a bit overwhelming because there is so much strawberry flavor, but then become highly addictive with their sweet taste and creamy deliciousness. The sorbet flavors are rich, and the warm compote reduces the strong flavor, making the dessert the perfect study treat. However, after a while the strawberry flavor starts to get too overpowering, so I recommend getting a small size.

The items on the menu are a bit pricy for the quality and quantity of the items, but the amazing presentation and bold flavors make up for it. The comfortable atmosphere and the incredible-tasting foods make this a great spot to study or do homework. The items on the menus are sure to satisfy your cravings and make the stay more enjoyable.

By Samuel Compolongo, Staff writer

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