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Relaxing on the beach

It’s sometimes hard to find a balance between an American and Asian fusion, but Factory Tea Bar On Da Beach blends these two elements quite well. The cafe’s arrangement showcases a more Western appeal, using wooden flooring and contemporary decorations. To equalize this, the menu leans towards an Oriental taste.

I was quite impressed by this small café’s interior design. Without a doubt, the setup suits the Californian look: string lights, beach chairs and beachside tables. In addition to the interesting selection of tables and chairs, there is a section of the cafe that uses real sand as the floor. Unfortunately, my feet would sink into the sand whenever I would walk. Despite this inconvenience, the creativity didn’t waver. Next to the sand, there is a small pond of water surrounded by a miniature shoreline of limestone rocks placed in front of a starry backdrop. I personally enjoyed this because it tied well into the recreation of the beach.

I decided to order the Kumquat Yogurt and popcorn chicken, which came out to a total of 10 dollars. Its name “Kumquat Yogurt” sounds unappetizing, but its smooth, creamy texture and citric taste was really satisfying. The chicken was a little too soft but still retained a lot of its flavor. The dipping sauce that accompanied this chicken was also a great addition. I would describe it as a sweet and sour version of Sriracha.

Though the popcorn chicken was a little lacking, this café is definitely a place I will return to. Its vintage string lights and unique beach arrangement provides a nice contrast from the traditional two- or four-seater tables. This tea spot is enticing, especially to those who want a break from the ordinary.

By Jonathan Liu, Staff writer

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