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When in need of a new Instagram picture to post or just a drink to enjoy, customers can visit Mini Monster. Mini Monster, located on the second floor of the Anaheim packing District, provides the perfect aesthetics with its small, charming design and delectable dessert selection.

When I first arrived, the store seemed a little overcrowded from the amount of customers waiting in line to order. However, the exciting bustle of the surrounding shops distracted from the long wait. The ambience of the store itself was very warm and welcoming; the inviting, yellow glow of the light bulbs and the green of the various plants create a rustic feel, while the polish of the dark brown wood give it a modern feel. The blended design sets the mood for a chill afternoon drink. With a band playing downstairs, customers can enjoy their drinks while unwinding to fun, jazzy music.

While looking at the menu, I was surprised to find that there were only five different types of drinks available. Drinks ranged around $4, and customers could choose to add a “cloud” of cotton candy around it, which cost another $5.25. The glass jar with the Mini Monster logo costs an extra $2, and the light bulb jar costs an extra $2.50. Their menu was more expensive than typical stores and lacked diversity, but its simplicity was relieving.

When I reached the front of the line, I was greeted by a bubbly employee who took eagerly took my order. I got Mini Monster’s freshly brewed Thai tea with boba and an Instagram-famous strawberry lemonade in a reusable glass jar. Knowing that many other stores serve these drinks as well, I wanted to see what made Mini Monster so much more special than others. The wait time to receive my order was impressive, as it came almost immediately.

Disappointingly, the drinks I received were sized like any other store’s, and I didn’t feel as if the amount was worth the price. Granted, the strawberry lemonade was flavored to perfection—it had a tasty blend of sweet and sour, accompanied by occasional strawberry chunks. However, I noticed an inconsistency with the amount of strawberries in each order, as some customers received more while others received less. The Thai tea was slightly less enjoyable; while their boba had the perfect chewiness, the tea was definitely over-sweetened and came with excessive ice. Both drinks were satisfying, but I did not feel as if they were worth the $11 total.

Despite the bustling atmosphere of the surrounding food court, the ambience of Mini Monster was welcoming and relaxing. Although the drinks offered at Mini Monster are typical compared to similar tea shops, its friendly service and modern twist on rustic aesthetics are hard to beat. Its pleasant drinks are perfect for a day out with friendsーif they are willing to spend the money for it, that is. However, because a place like Mini Monster is hard to come by in the Walnut area, it is definitely worth the experience.

By Erica Chang, Staff writer
Photo by Erica Chang

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