Sweet Combforts: bringing back the original waffle

2304 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

Inside the Irvine Food Hall, traditional Belgian Liege waffles are making a sweet comeback. As the only dessert shop in the Food Hall, Sweet Combforts is known for its unique ‘honeycomb’ patterned, caramelized waffles on a stick. Either cream cheese or white chocolate can be chosen as a glaze, and toppings such as strawberries, Oreos and Fruity Pebbles can be sprinkled over the glaze, covering the Liege waffle.

As I stood in line, I admired the welcoming aroma of dough baking and observed the atmosphere of the seating area. Hearing chatter from families, couples and friends created a warm buzz, making me feel as if I was attending a family gathering. I ordered the ‘’Plain Jane’’ waffle, covered only in powdered sugar. A wooden stick was inserted into the bottom of the waffle, then handed to me by an employee. Service, however, lacked in efficiency. Dozens of people merged into a single line, each waiting an average between five and fifteen minutes. Though workers were polite, they tended to rush customers while ordering since there was a large group.

The first bite was heavenly. It was like nothing I’ve tasted before. The texture was warm and flaky with the powdered sugar melting in my mouth, leaving a sweet and savory taste. The sugar didn’t overpower the flavor, but complemented the crunchy caramel dough. The lack of toppings highlighted the waffles’ natural qualities, and I appreciated its true flavor.

Sweet Combforts excelled in creating a mouth-watering product, but the waffle was insufficiently filling. The waffles on a stick make for a great photo and snack but are lacking when eaten alone. I would recommend Sweet Combforts for those who love breakfast at any time of the day.

Written by Jessica Dixon, Staff writer

Photo by Jessica Dixon

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