Sweet surprises at Chelò Creamery


Chelò Creamery, a small shop located in City of Industry, specializes in Thai-style ice cream rolls and trendy, flavorful desserts. The creamery is located in a huge plaza filled with shops and cafes with live music performances and comfortable seating.

The bright and bold colors of Chelò’s wooden floors, black painted walls and bright teal counter add an eye-catching contrast to the shop’s overall design, and they correspond with the sleek furniture to make the shop look modern and hipster. The creamery also plays alternative and pop music from artists such as Green Day and Twenty One Pilots to set the mood for a chill, enjoyable evening. With energetic beats playing in the background, customers can enjoy the ambience of the place while chatting with friends.

Chelò tends to get packed with people, so I was surprised that the customer service exceeded my expectations. The employees are quick to prepare each order, but they still take the time to ensure that everything is made to perfection. Although the desserts at Chelo are pricey and don’t come in large quantities, the quality of the delicious ice cream makes the venture completely worth it.

I ordered the Red Head Chelò Roll, which contains a strawberry and cheesecake ice cream mix that is made into rolls. The famous Chelò rolls are topped with animal crackers, strawberry wafers, cheesecake bites, syrup, whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. The strawberry flavor and the cheesecake bites work well together to create a rich taste that isn’t overpoweringly sweet. However, the texture of the animal crackers and strawberry wafers don’t fit in with the ice cream’s bold and creamy flavors, and they seem as if they were only used for the visual design of the dessert. Overall, the ingredients blend wonderfully to create an aesthetically elegant presentation and flavorful ice cream dessert that’s perfect for an afterschool snack.

Chelò Creamery’s lively vibes, friendly service and trademark ice cream rolls make it a notable place to bring friends or family, so make sure to check out the shop if you’re in the mood for delectable frozen treats.

By Sam Compolongo, Staff writer
Video edited by Vivian Lee, Tech team

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