The garden of Urth-ly delights


Along Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood you’ll find Urth Caffe, one of nine of the Southern California chain’s locations. Each location has a unique style and appearance, with the one on Melrose having a chic exterior crowded with large green umbrellas that make it stand out from the other stores along the street. 

Immediately, I noticed the long line that snaked out the door. However, we didn’t have to wait extensively to place our order because servers with iPads approached us as we entered and allowed us to pay with Apple Pay. This efficiency isn’t seen at a lot of restaurants and showed dedication to the customer’s experience. 

The store had almost entirely outdoor seating which gave a perfect backdrop for the brunch. However, the inside seats were not as appealing, as the lighting was dim and unwelcoming. The tables were extremely small, especially since most customers came in groups and ordered several food items and drinks. 

The staff was very helpful and accomodating, and when informed of food restrictions, they thoroughly explained how they would make these adjustments. For people with dietary restrictions, a wide variety of replacements were available in place of the item in concern. Waiters regularly checked in to make sure we were enjoying our meal and to see if we needed anything else. 

After considering my options, I ordered the margherita pizza made with fresh mozzarella, basil and roasted tomatoes. When the pizza arrived, it was served on a pizza board, which surprised me because I’m used to being presented pizza on a pan or in a plate. The pizza had a crispy outer crust, but the abundance of toppings made the pizza itself hard to pick up. The grated parmesan on the side gave each slice a bit of tang, which differentiated from the smooth, chewiness of the mozzarella. Chili oil, served in the dish adjacent to the parmesan, gave a much needed spice to the pizza. I would have preferred dried chilli flakes without the oil because dipping a slice of pizza into the oil was a difficult task that caused tomatoes to fall off my slice. I was slightly disappointed because the price of the dish, $10.50, was not reflected in its quality. 

To complement my pizza, I ordered a Spanish Latte with oat milk for $5.95. Urth offers six different types of milk, four of which are non-dairy. These milks come with an additional charge but are a great option to those who have dietary restrictions. The latte was presented with a design in the foam that resembled a peacock and added an artistic element to my meal. The latte itself was creamy, sweet and tolerably hot. The oat milk provided a rich, thick consistency to the latte and the espresso added a contrasting touch of bitterness. Additionally, the sweetened condensed milk in the latte perfectly countered the espresso flavor. This was definitely my favorite part of the meal. 

I highly recommend a visit to one of Urth’s nine locations. The cafe truly caters to the tastes of Southern California and has a friendly, welcoming ambience.

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Scene editor
Photo by Bhalpriya Sandhu

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