Vinenzo’s Terrazza provides a classy dining experience


Travel to Italy to explore a whole new spectrum of foods, or just drive to Vincenzo’s Terrazza Ristorante in West Covina for an authentic and hearty Italian cuisine.

With serene landscapes of an exotic coastline painted on the walls, this small restaurant does not fail to please with its aesthetics. Twinkling lights strung onto umbrellas glow softly on the ceiling, setting a sophisticated atmosphere in the restaurant. Italian music plays in the background, mingling with quiet chatter from small parties of customers. Detailed paintings of scenery that cover the hallways and wine-filled cabinets truly embrace Italian vibes and create a refined, genuine experience.

As soon as diners sit down, they are welcomed by servers who introduce the menu in a friendly yet formal fashion. The complimentary bread, served fresh from the kitchen, has a biscuit-like texture that brings back memories of warm home cooking. I ordered the Grilled Scallops Fonduta as an appetizer, and it proved itself to be a savory dish featuring three large scallops dipped in a rich sauce and topped with truffle mushrooms. The scallops are grilled to a light crisp on the outside and have a soft, delicate texture on the inside, while the truffle mushrooms bring intense peppery flavors that are increasingly satisfying with every bite. The thick parmesan sauce compliments the scallops by providing an appropriate amount of cheese that enhances the dish even more. For $25, the three scallops seem overly expensive, but the Grilled Scallops Fonduta is definitely still delicious enough to try when you want to treat yourself.

The servers delivered the Spaghetti Bolognese, Linguini Special and Capo Pizza with the same efficiency and friendliness as before. Unfortunately, the main course turned out to be the weakest part of the meal. The Spaghetti Bolognese tastes as plain as its presentation looks—a simple pile of noodles with a weak meaty sauce that has little flavor. The Linguini Special, though less disappointing than the Spaghetti Bolognese, still lacks potential with its bland flavor. The Capo Pizza, however, was the best out of the three main dishes and redeemed the overall meal. Though it is still a pizza, this dish is folded in half to imitate the style of a calzone, a popular dish in Italy. With ham, salami, cherry tomatoes and basil toppings, the Capo Pizza brings back the classic Italian style of pizza that mainstream Italian restaurants usually don’t live up to.

Although eating at Vincenzo’s Terrazza Ristorante is definitely not an everyday casual experience, this petite restaurant is a charming venue for fancy occasions.

By Kevin Arifin, Staff writer

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