Make yourself a merry little Christmas

Mason Jar Christmas Tree

What you’ll need: Miniature Christmas tree, salt, mason jar, hot glue
Optional: Miniature figures, ribbon, white chalk marker, glitter


  1. Hot glue the bottom of the tree. Make sure the tree can fit the jar. I found that I needed to use a thin layer of glue, or the salt would get in between the spaces of the base and lid.
  2. Stick the tree onto the lid, and decorate as desired. Placing the tree of center and trimming it allowed me to fit in a deer ornament.


  3. Pour enough salt into the jar to cover the base of the tree. I tried on the lid with the tree first, which helped me determine how much I should use.


  4. Attach the lid back on to the jar. Watch to keep the salt inside the jar!I rotated the jar so that the writing would not cover the deer
  5. Shake the jar to dust the tree with snow! Use a liquid chalk marker to create the impression of snow. I adorned the tree with an origami star and wrapped the tree in red ribbon.



Tea light Snowman Ornament

What you’ll need: tea light with fake flame, permanent marker, hot glue, ribbon
Optional: mini Santa hat, construction paper

  1. Use a permanent marker to draw the eyes and mouth of the snowman. I recommend using a dry erase marker to mark in any designs beforehand.IMG_9963
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon. I cut the ribbon in half to fit the tea light.IMG_9980
  3. Loop the ribbon so that the ends lay flat on each other, then glue together.I would recommend flipping the ribbon over instead of what is pictured.IMG_9992
  4. Glue the ribbon to the back of the tea light. Make sure that the ribbon isn’t covering the on/off switch!IMG_9995
  5. Decorate as desired and turn on the light- the nose should glow orange like a carrot! Since my tea light was heavier, it weighed down the branch. I would recommend gluing the ribbon on top for larger lights.IMG_9657


Compiled by Bhalpriya Sandhu, Staff Writer

Photos by Emily Ng and Anna Yu

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