“Moon Piano” pacifies the soul

Laraaji recently released his new album “Moon Piano,” on Oct. 9 as a result of his years scientifically experimenting with how meditation and sound can affect listeners. Each note flows with indescribable feelings as his new album navigates through a spiritual journey about finding serenity in the light glow of the moon.  

Laraaji begins his album with “Prana Light,” a soft introduction about inner enlightenment.The word prana means life-giving force which intends for listeners to relax to the soothing harmonies. The piano chords resemble a traditional playing style with a twist of modern-style articulation. The music forms a connection between the listeners and Laraaji allowing the messages in the music get across to them. The use of calming melodies create a harmonious sound making it clear through the melody that Laraaji wants listeners to understand life’s little moments are precious. His clever use of one-note beats in this song establishes his belief in finding tranquility in simplicity. 

Laraaji’s album mainly relies on creatively expressing his emotions. The track continues with the common motif of reflection and incorporates the use of many broken chords and incomplete melodies. These musical techniques convey the obstacles one may face during their lifetime as well as overcoming them through accepting those experiences. Laraaji hints at the meditative, healing aspect of reflecting on life experiences. He also encourages the listeners to remember that each memory in life is inherently unique to oneself and should be treasured. 

The third track in Laraaji’s album, “Lightly,” is a song that is rather contradictory to the overarching theme of appreciating the uniqueness in life. Unlike the rest of his tracks, “Lightly,” fails to provide a characteristic in life worth cherishing and instead illustrates life as a repetitive, boring prison that can only be escaped by death. The beat of the song is dreadfully consistent and felt as if the first few seconds were playing on loop. There was no clear difference between any of the musical measures and the monotonous sound makes it hard to listen to. It shows little creative individuality and lack of expression. 

The album “Moon Piano,” uses a more mellow sound and playfully contrasts “Sun Piano,” the duo album Laraaji had released prior. “Sun Piano,” suggests a more upbeat tempo in both sound and playing style. Both deal with the common theme of reminiscing on all aspects of life in different perspectives. Without fail, Laraaji brings hope to his audience with a reminder that life is a gift.

By Rikka Tagayuna, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of boomkat