Avengers: Infinity War is explosive with action, humor and drama

As one of Marvel’s most lengthy and character developing films, “Avengers: Infinity War” delivers a stunning performance with clear storytelling and refined wordplay. Despite having over 28 heroes, the film manages to distribute important roles equally, which individually contributes to the climax.

The main plot of this movie involves Thanos’ attempts to retrieve all of the Infinity Stones, which when combined, can erase half of the universe from existence. The Avengers, comprising of almost all of the Marvel Universe heroes, risk their lives to protect these sacred Infinity Stones in a number of confrontations against Thanos. Each battle is unique in its own way, as there are different Avengers, with distinct abilities, to protect an Infinity Stone. Although it may seem like an effortless ordeal to protect a couple of stones from Thanos, it proves difficult for the Avengers because just one stone has the potential to destroy a world.

The factor that contributes to this film’s success is definitely Thanos’ characterization during his retrieval of the Infinity Stones. As a newly introduced character in the current Marvel Universe, it was vital that the film focused on Thanos more than anyone else. This film really works on depicting Thanos as a logical antagonist using multiple flashbacks to emphasize why he wants to erase half of the universe. The choices that Thanos makes to achieve his goal entices viewers to look at the problem within the film from his perspective or maybe even question if the Avengers are fighting for a good cause.

Along with Thanos’ introduction, individual contributions made by each hero caught my attention. Seeping in from the previous Avengers movie, tensions presided over Captain America and Iron-man due a previous conflict. Despite this, they are surprisingly able to work with each other and the other Avengers to thwart Thanos’ plans. Also, Dr. Strange, Vision and the Scarlet Witch appear when guarding two of the stones. Most unexpectedly, Spiderman and the Guardians of the Galaxy barged into the storyline and contributed to stopping Thanos.

Last but not least, the humor and the screenplay was hilarious. Sarcasm and jokes from jokester Rocket, king of foolishness Star-lord and other Avengers really helped establish desperately-needed comic relief to the seriousness of the film. Amidst many fight or “I have a plan” scenes, jokes or sarcasm were used to give the audience a few laughs or “Really?’s” which helped the movie theatre maintain a bright mood.

All jokes aside, “Avengers: Infinity War” is an absolute blockbuster that attracts an audience of all ages. With an intriguing plot that supports both the protagonists and antagonists and modernized screenplay, the film is expectedly successful worldwide.

Written by Jacob Khuu
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