It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Arthur Christmas

This comedic drama is set during Christmas Eve, where Santa miraculously forgets to deliver one present. Arthur, Santa’s youngest son, sets foot on an adventure to make sure that present is received. The movie sends a heartfelt message that everyone should have a Christmas gift. Arthur’s goofy, yet charming personality helps illustrate the joys of Christmas, making it a favorite among friends and family.


A hilarious comedy about a human elf finding his father, Elf subtly infuses witty banter and Christmas spirit with a meet-cute romantic storyline. Its lighthearted backdrop and vibrant scenes are accompanied by colorful commentary and characters, which will keep viewers laughing through the entirety of the film. Elf’s candy-crazed characters and outright silly humor will be a definite favorite among friends and family.

A Christmas Carol

A rendition of Charles Dicken’s classic book, A Christmas Carol features the life of a stingy man— Ebenezer Scrooge— who meets three ghosts one night, warning him to change his ways. This fanciful tale is brought to life by the stylistic choices in color and the meticulous details in the animations. While not as light-hearted as most Christmas movies, its message is heartwarming, making it a great movie to watch (or rewatch) with family and friends during the holidays.

Home Alone 

An adventurous and hilarious series, it tells the story of a young child left “home alone” on Christmas. You have a spunky, can-do problem solver filled with imagination in the middle of the busiest day in the year. Each movie compares the reckless actions of adults with the intelligence a kid can have. These light-hearted movies are a go to experience with your friends and family over the holidays.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a 3D animated film which incorporates a fictional story while giving it a realistic feel. The Polar Express transports people of all ages back to their childhoods in which they remember the joys of the holidays and the excitement of Santa coming on Christmas Day. The viewers are able to follow the main character on an epic journey to the North Pole on a train filled with occurrences only one’s imagination can configure.

Compiled by Brian Honng, Isabella Leung, Amy Lo, Emily Ng and Emmeline Tantry
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