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“Steve Jobs”: the tech giant’s story retold


In yet another rendition of Steve Jobs’ biography, director Danny Boyle focuses not only on how Jobs changed the world of technology, but also on his influence on those closest to him.

The movie centers around the three biggest product launches of Jobs’ career: the Macintosh, the NeXT computer and the iMac. His ex-girlfriend and high school sweetheart (Katherine Waterston) is there at the launches with his child Lisa, whom he denies being the parent of. Conflicts between his family, peers and fellow co-founder Steve Wozniak are also recurring events in the plot.

Despite the absence of a big Hollywood star to play Jobs, Michael Fassbender does an excellent job in evoking emotion throughout every stage of the character’s life. He seamlessly expresses everything from giddiness to regret. Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), Jobs’ marketing executive, is an amazing addition to the cast because she really masters the role of the sidekick by being loyal to Jobs and following him even when he ventures out of Apple Inc.

While the biographical movie “Steve Jobs” had a solid plot that kept my interest and extremely talented actors, the different stages of Job’s’ life were presented exactly the same, and without any of the distinction that his real life had.

However, the actual representation of Jobs is so refreshingly realistic that it succeeds in showing the side of him that was more unknown to the public. Director Danny Boyle guides the performance of an unreasonable and slightly insane man rather than sugar-coating him as untouchable CEO. While this does make him a character who is hard to root for, these flaws add depth to his character. Jobs is correctly portrayed as the ambitious CEO and uncooperative maniac he really was.

The same events happen before each launch, making the entire movie repetitive and predictable. Jobs himself even says in the film that every time a new product launches, everyone goes to a bar, gets drunk and then voices his disillusionment. After watching three product launches, it seemed as though I were watching the same thing over and over.

While it did cover the same situations multiple times, the honest depiction of Jobs is definitely a surprise which may change people’s perception of him. The movie also packed a punch in terms of excellent casting and an exhilarating plot, and it is definitely worth re-watching.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer
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