5 Seconds of Summer stays in comfort zone


Before actually listening to its music, I saw 5 Seconds of Summer as just another boy band that spawned crazy fangirls. After listening to its new album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” I was introduced to the real 5 Seconds of Summer, a wild storm of pop punk and heartache.

Imagine a cross between One Direction and Fall Out Boy. That’s exactly what 5 Seconds of Summer sounds like. It has the signature boy band vibe coupled with a violent emo pop style that results in heavy-hearted lyrics disguised by upbeat melodies.

The album kicks off with “Money.” The song starts out with the band getting ready to perform and then explodes into crashing beats with the mantra “take my money.” The raw emotion in “Jet Black Heart” conveys the destructive power of inner turmoil. Unfortunately, some other songs don’t pack as much of a punch. “San Francisco” features a simple acoustic guitar that sounds weak right after the roaring energy “Airplanes” has.

However, contrast in style is minimal. The slamming drumbeats and shredding guitar chords are often recycled. The subject of each track occasionally varies throughout the album, but most songs are about the “one that got away” or the band’s journey from Youtube to MTV. One way or another, the songs blend together in a mess of angst and heartbreak stuck on the same chords and beats.

This album disappointed me. The power in several songs was sidelined, and a cliche heartache theme took center stage. In addition, the repetitiveness of each song took away the potential the album had. The first few songs had me hooked on it passion and blasting sounds, but the repetition ruined the uniqueness and made the album sound like the same song on repeat.

By Natalie Jiang, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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