A February playlist for a fresh start to 2020

February has a lot in store: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and, because it’s a leap year, the 29th. An adequate playlist is a necessity. Sit back and relax to “Get Me,” a new release from Kehlani and Justin Bieber. It blends a slow, laid-back melody with high-pitched vocals from Bieber and ends with a passionate duet. Although the lyrics feel somewhat repetitive, the message of a powerful love connection is clear. “Life is Good,” by Future featuring Drake is engaging and uplifting. An acknowledgement of the blessings in their lives is emphasized and leads to an epiphany: life really is good. Feel nostalgic while listening to “Drops of Jupiter,” the title track of Train’s sophomore album. “Drops of Jupiter” tells a story of recovering from heartbreak and loss and finding oneself through that process. 

Compiled by Bhalpriya Sandhu, Scene editor
Photo designed by Ashley Liang, Design and Media editor-in-chief



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