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Adele’s “25” Radiates Rebirth


“Hello,” the explosive first track to Adele’s album “25,” is really about goodbyes. The song opens the door to the album’s theme of leaving the past behind.

In “Water Under the Bridge,” Adele ’s voice, paired with heavy instrumentals, flows along with the resounding melodies. Her voice gracefully rises and falls along to the beat of the song, passion leaking from each verse.

“River Lea” features another side of Adele’s vocal prowess. Her voice gently creeps along and hypnotically croons at the end of the song. With the bluesy instrumentals, the song effectively creates a smoky, mysterious feel.

In each song, Adele seeks closure and hopes to mend her broken heart. From the climactic choruses of “Sweetest Devotion” to the plucky simplicity of “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” Adele’s sheer emotion characterizes each song differently. While the gentle instrumentals add yet another layer of poignancy to each song, the same strings and piano effects are frequently recycled. However, Adele’s dramatic vocals compensate for the lack of instrumental diversity. Her sorrow and anguish are ultimately what creates the album’s powerful yet melancholy mood.

“25” brings a new sound and fresh theme to Adele’s musical career. The airier and sultrier “19” focuses more on falling in love and the romantic experience. In contrast, “21” is about transforming the pain from heartbreak and turning it into power, her assertive voice belting furious verses. However, “25” is more remorseful, lamenting over the past and tearful goodbyes. The instrumentals are less aggressive and, coupled with Adele’s crooning voice, feel more relaxing and somber.

Overall, Adele’s musical style has retained its emotional intensity, but now it features a new aspect of the pure grief and mourning that comes in the aftermath of love. The raw emotion in Adele’s voice makes “25” a compelling and passionate album that leaves listeners craving for more.

By Natalie Jiang, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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