Chilling with Denitia and Sene

I cycle through albums like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll fall in love with an album for a few days and fall out of love faster than you can say “breakup” and move on as if nothing happened. Some albums do manage to make it through a few weeks, but very few have been able to stay with me through months. *Cue disc scratch to an introduce exception.* Denitia and Sene’s his and hers. album has managed to make it through my entire junior year and continues to carry me through the stressful days of my senior year. And I can’t just say I only love their his and hers. album – every track the duo has produced is a favorite.

For me, when I really like an artist, learning of their background and inspiration only adds to the intrigue. Denitia and Sene. is a Brooklyn based duo created by coincidence, and their music mirrors just that. Denitia’s cool crooning lifts Sene’s solid beats as they come together in a sort of R&B PB and J. An unlikely pair, but together, inseparable. They pride themselves in being uncategorizable, a woozy blend of R&B, electro and pop.

Their first extended play, titled blah blah blah., establishes their style with soft, hazy tracks that envelope you in a soft mist with Denitia’s low vocals. These are the tracks I usually turn to, especially “how to satisfy.” and “blah blah blah.,” to calm down and unwind to after a long day (or week) of school. Making a comeback in mid 2014, the duo released “Divided” (another top favorite), a track that very much resembled their first few mellow tracks.

After their initial release, the duo experimented with some more upbeat, head bobbing rhythms that proved they were capable of breaking their somber mold. Their most well known song, “casanova.,” shows that they are just as able to make you get up and dance as they are to help you lie down and relax. Other tracks like “feel better.” and “it’s your fault.” break the mold as well, featuring Sene’s vocals intertwined with Denitia’s, furthering the his and hers. persona the two created for themselves.

More recently, Denitia and Sene have sheded their dark and dusky vibe and dropped a few tracks furthering the upbeat, groovy vibe they established in “casanova.” The song “side fx.” runs along with Sene’s funky riff and highlights Denitia’s breathy, airy voice. In “runnin.,” we see Sene experiment more with electronica, breaking the usual steady rhythm by distorting vocals and creating a more aggressive push and pull with breaks. Denitia’s voice remains a constant, common thread between all their works, establishing the loose, hazy feel.

Though they established themselves as my “wind-down” music, I am all for breaking barriers and look forward to hearing the energetic, pull-you-off-your-seat side of Denitia and Sene. So here’s to turning up with a release of a lighter and brighter tracks.

By Mary Zhang, Editor-in-chief

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