Coldplay embraces an evolved style


Coldplay takes its synth experimentation to the next level in its seventh studio album, “A Head Full of Dreams.”

The first song, “A Head Full of Dreams,” quickly establishes a fast-paced rock and roll tone that kicks off the album with a lively start. Throughout much of the song, an electric theme with synths maintains the festive mood. The rock and roll vibe slowly fades away towards the end, and the piano accompanying lead singer Chris Martin gives the song a warm, cozy finish.

“Birds,” also known as “Mylo Xyloto,” is another track that begins with a simple, soft stream of guitars and synths. The serene style is a considerable change from the upbeat rhythm of “A Head Full of a Dreams.” Again, the piano’s cascading melody leaves a resounding feeling of peace and comfort.

One of the new features in this album is the usage of synths. In its other albums, Coldplay relies more on simple vocal effects to convey emotion. However, the band uses synth patterns in “A Head Full of Dreams” to create a soothing effect. The band’s greater emphasis on synths in this album is a bold step forward from its previous works, and its changing sound corresponds with the increasingly electronic style of the modern music industry. Listeners who prefer electronic dance music will enjoy the album more than folk music lovers.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” includes a unique music video of gorillas finding a Beats Pill. Instead of using it as a weapon, the wild gorillas choose to make music. “Adventure of a Lifetime” is the most upbeat track in the album and has a heavy, steady drumbeat reminiscent of a ritual-like setting. In addition, the intricate choreography of the apes reflect Coldplay’s emphasis on hip-hop. Unfortunately, the hip-hop element is present in many of the songs and becomes repetitive, thus decreasing interest in several tracks in the album.

Surprisingly, “Kaleidoscope” features a video of President Barack Obama singing several lines of “Amazing Grace” at a memorial in honor of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a African American pastor who was killed in a mass shooting at his church. Lyrics such as “I’m lost, but now I’m found” relate to the long struggles each person encounters and overcomes. Although “Kaleidoscope” uses a dull, speech-like narration with electronic music effects instead of Coldplay’s traditional vocal method, the song does have interesting historical significance.

Coldplay creates a vibrant, uplifting album through the use of synths and themes representing everyday problems and how people conquer them. Each track has well-placed transitions and a comfortable, steady beat. Though Coldplay’s style has taken a daring turn in “A Head Full of Dreams,” this album will leave both old and new fans excited for the rock band’s new sound.

By Phillip Leung, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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