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Dance along to Tuxedo’s new self-titled album

Filled with energetic tones and head-bobbing beats, Tuxedo’s self-titled debut album features a variety of relaxing, danceable old-school tunes. Coupled with a simple and sleek album cover, Tuxedo is a breath of fresh air in the music industry that delivers fresh sounds over a techno, 80’s sample. As more of an underground duo, it is easy to see why they will steadily grow in popularity, given the broad appeal of its nostalgic yet electronic music.

This brand of music appeals to the younger demographic for its uplifting and positive notes. Vocals include a catchy chorus that primarily centers on love and relationships. The beat features drum and guitar samples, a perfect combination that mingles well with the clappable, retro beats.

Its single, “Number One,” features a snazzy and snappy background that accompanies the smooth singing very fittingly. The song would be perfect for a late night drive with a significant other, given its classy, clean and confident feel. In particular, the repetition of phrases characterize what Tuxedo is all about, vibrant and catchy beats. Another favorite would have to be “Roll Along” for its upbeat lyrics that compliment the trumpets and backup singers.

Initially, I was reluctant to put on my headphones and listen to a group and genre I was unfamiliar with; it is safe to say that this is not particularly my cup of tea when it comes to music, but something about the relaxing melodies and seamless transition from song to song in the album will definitely get listeners up and dancing. After pressing play, I am pleased to say I encountered an upbeat, pleasant surprise. Like a good tux, it fits.

By Spencer Wu, Editor-in-chief

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