death of a bachelor

“Death of a Bachelor” exceeds expectations


Urie’s jazz influences are especially highlighted in this fifth studio album. Horns smoothly intertwine with his voice in the sultry title track, while big brass elements produce swingy and catchy beats in “Crazy=Genius.” Urie’s crooning voice effortlessly soars over the simple instrumentals in “Impossible Year” to create an elegant yet sorrowful ballad.

Over the years, Panic! At the Disco has bid farewell to many members and has undergone a lot of change as a result. The band has evolved from the angsty emo pop from over a decade ago to the experimental electro pop of 2013’s “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die.” Now, Urie brings the brassy alternative rock of “Death of a Bachelor” to the table. The only constant in Panic! At the Disco’s music style is change. A few tracks, such as the pop rock “Golden Days” and the sorrowful love song “House of Memories,” are nostalgic reminders of the band’s previous styles.

The new aspects of “Death of a Bachelor” are sure to appeal to both new and old fans with its artistic fusion of jazz and alternative rock.

By Natalie Jiang, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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