wiped out

Far from wiped out


The lead single, “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” is perhaps the most experimental song of all. The heavy bass elements bring back a hard rock mood, and it is the only song with lyrics that are not about love. The dense chanting melody and instrumentals driven by the electric guitar and ethereal elements of dream pop make the song easy to enjoy.

My favorite song from the album would have to be “Ferrari.” Hardcore guitar riffs and low vibrations from the bass separate this song from the other synth-infused songs. Its rigid drum beat and heavy bass riffs along with the gruff vocals give off a perfect grunge vibe. The mix of hard rock and pop elements makes this fresh song a head-bobbing essential.

Blending various elements from different genres, The Neighbourhood does not disappoint in giving innovative sounds that distinguish them from the sometimes monotonous music scene. Each song is a different experiment, combining hard rock, alternative, surf-rock, dream pop and R&B elements that complement the sincere lyrics that reflect the struggles of love, relationships and growing up. However, the album transitions smoothly from one song to the next, making the album a cohesive work of art. While The Neighbourhood’s “Wiped Out!” brings a loftier, more exposed vibe compared to its previous works, this album definitely does not wipe out.

By Anita Chuen, Manager
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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