Justin Timberlake makes a bold move with “Man of Woods”

Justin Timberlake released his fifth studio album, “Man of the Woods,” a mix of country, R&B and pop music. “Man of the Woods” features 16 tracks, each a blend of natural and rustic feels. The album is inspired by Timberlake’s family and named after his son, Silas, which means “of the woods.” In “Man of the Woods,” Timberlake collaborates with artists such as Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton, which provides a diversity in voice throughout the songs.

Starting off with a rock track, the album’s first song, “Filthy,” has a futuristic vibe, containing techno-pop sounds and Timberlake’s falsetto voice. The little screams, breathing and the roar of a lion that can be heard in the background adds to the overall beat and grabs the audience’s attention. Dramatically different from the other tracks on the album, “Filthy” does not keep to the folksy theme of the overall album.

The transitions between some songs such as “Filthy” and “Midnight Summer Jam” are abrupt and confusing because of the change of tempo from slow to fast, making the album’s direction and beat unpredictable.

In contrast to the electronic beats in “Filthy”, “Say Something” describes how Timberlake does not want to be bothered by drama but still wants to say what needs to be said. The song has an upbeat tempo and is Timberlake’s first official collaboration with country singer Chris Stapleton. The meaningful lyrics are accompanied by Timberlake and Stapleton’s harmonious vocals.

Timberlake’s combination of country and pop is reminiscent of his Tennessee roots and reveals his diverse music style. “Man of the Woods” displays Timberlake’s personal life through an album that attempts to connect contemporary genres together. “Man of the Woods” has some hits that are a must-listen. Even though it is not my favorite album from him, it was nice to hear a change in his music: integration of a country twist.

By Alison Ho, Staff writer
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