Kehlani exposes her vulnerability in “While We Wait”

Two years after the release of her debut studio album, singer-songwriter Kehlani released her second studio album, “While We Wait,” Friday, Feb. 22. Featuring nine tracks, four being collaborations with other artists, the album offers a refreshing take on R&B music and sings about letting go of the past.

The first track, “Footsteps,” featuring Musiq Soulchild, provides listeners a glimpse of what to expect in the album. It starts out with a mellow, calming beat before launching into the instrumentals that are prominent throughout the entire song. There is no distinguishable difference between verse and chorus, making the song sound repetitive, which causes Kehlani’s vocals to be overpowered by the music during a majority of the song. Despite this, “Footsteps” ends with a creative twist: the instrumentals are taken out, and an electronic edit plays for five seconds before the music fades out.

Unlike the mellow, soft beat of “Footsteps,” “Morning Glory” reflects a more lively side to her album. The pounding beat resonating throughout the entire song complements Kehlani’s sassy vocals, and she cleverly places pauses in the drum pounding in order to emphasize certain lyrics. Kehlani’s voice effortlessly blends in with the background instrumentals, which creates a soothing mix that is pleasing to the ear. In the middle of the song, Kehlani transitions from singing to rapping. The different styles create variety in the song and complement each other to give it a vivacious vibe.

Kehlani continues the high-energy pace of the album through her hit single, “Nights Like This,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Starting with a relaxed melody which crescendos into a catchy chorus, Kehlani reminisces on the thrilling times of a previous relationship. The fun-filled vibe of the song reflects the memories she remembers about this person, and she debates whether or not to reach out to this person. Kehlani creates a separation between the melody and the instrumentals by lowering the volume of the background music, allowing her voice to be the main emphasis. The fluid changes between the verses and the chorus add onto the spirited vibe of the track.

“While We Wait” is a stimulating, enjoyable album to listen to, and her ability to create memorable songs that will be stuck in your head hours later is impeccable. With its upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics and endless energy, “While We Wait” displays Kehlani’s musical talents and her ability to create songs that capture listeners’ attentions.

By Flora Lei, Sports editor

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records


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