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Kendrick Lamar produces Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Marvel’s newest release “Black Panther” includes a soundtrack of 14 hit songs from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and SZA. The film has broken box office records as one of the top ten highest-grossing movies after its release on Friday, Feb. 16.

Lamar is the main producer of the film’s soundtrack. His work on the soundtrack includes his single “Black Panther” as well as his collaborations “King’s Dead,” “Big Shot” and “Pray for Me.” His classic hip-hop and rap style is fused with futuristic beats that help establish the setting of the film.

One of the most well-known songs from the soundtrack is “All the Stars” by SZA and Lamar. The R&B style of SZA complements the hip-hop elements of Lamar to create a new sound with echoing, high-tempo beats that play throughout the song. SZA’s smooth voice combines with Lamar’s raw sound to form a well-balanced piece.

Many of the songs featured in the soundtrack by upcoming artists were not played in the film, such as “Seasons” by Mozzy, featuring Sjava and Reason, which combines South African styles with American hip-hop and rap, creating a unique and diverse product.

“Seasons” begins with soft piano instrumentals that are quickly replaced by a low beat. The first verse features South African lyrics rapped by Sjava, meant to represent the spirit of African culture as captured in the film. The rest of the song continues in English and discusses adversity faced by Africans in the United States. The song concludes with lines from the film versed by Lamar, helping to unite the track and film with its core message.

The “Black Panther” soundtrack fulfills a symbolic role in representing African culture and music. Each song has an individual sound and effectively connects to the plot of the film.

Written by Melissa Kim, In-depth editor
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