Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” tops charts


Lady Gaga makes a comeback after three years with the long awaited “Joanne,” her fifth album that promises a fresh, soul-searching experience. With a refreshed appearance and intense vocals, Gaga overhauls her previous ambiguity for her authentic, unrestrained self. In the 14 tracks of “Joanne,” Gaga establishes a connection with her listeners through the different genres of country, rock, pop and funk.

The album starts off strong with the single “Perfect Illusion,” which features electric guitar and catchy chorus reminiscent of her past songs. Gaga sings about mistakes made in love and being awakened after realizing it was all a “perfect illusion.” The strong beat complements Gaga’s belting voice as she vocalizes the feeling of strength and awareness after getting out of an unhealthy relationship. The empowering mood and flawless execution sets up the rest of the album with high expectations.

Continuing the rock style, “Diamond Heart” impresses but also adds a dash of country and patriotic American spirit. The next song, “A-YO,” is a sassy upbeat mix between country and pop that gets the listener to dance and clap along. The two bring the progression of the album from the heartbreak of “Perfect Illusion” to reclaiming oneself with confidence.

Named after the album, “Joanne” brings a shift in upbeat songs to a more mature and slow paced sound. Joanne represents the change Gaga needed in her life. The album and song titles are named after Joanne Germanotta, her late aunt who died of lupus at 19 and her own middle name. Although Gaga has never met her aunt, Joanne inspired Gaga to stop her drug addiction and to pursue a new, positive life. The heartfelt lyrics addressed to Joanne show a gentler and typically unseen side of Gaga.

The song “Angel Down” matches “Joanne” with its emotion and beautiful lyrics. The violin in the instrumental entangles with her somber voice as she sings of “shots fired on the street” and the injustice of people “just standing around” as it occurs. Gaga concludes her album with a solemn but sincere nod to the recent shootings of the year.

“Joanne” tells a story of hope, change and acceptance throughout its duration. Overall, the songs go beyond expectations as they present a variety of themes that are not too similar. The songs are rich with meaningful lyrics and can be interpreted in many different ways. Though the songs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the songs themselves are tastefully made. If you’re looking for songs to inspire change in your life, this is the album. The mix of different genres, songs and lyrics guarantees that everyone will find a favorite.

By Jamie Chen, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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