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New duo emerges in the EDM scene

I’m not a huge fan of EDM in general. So naturally I don’t choose to listen to Diplo and Skrillex when I want to listen to music, but it was their collaborations with various artists like 2 Chainz, AlunaGeorge and even Justin Bieber that really piqued my interest. Diplo and Skrillex added a twist to “Jack Ü” by featuring another artist in every one of their songs. I have to admit that I did enjoy the album in a “guilty pleasure” sort-of way, but maybe I expected too much from the mainstream DJs to actually add the album to my music library.

Their high-energy tracks take a new approach to getting pumped up for a workout. Their most “hyped” songs include “Beats Knockin” and “Jungle Bae.” “Beats Knockin” featuring Fly Boi Keno starts the album off with a bang after their odd “Don’t Do Drugs Just Take Some Jack Ü” intro. Keno’s repetition of “my beat’s steady knockin’” mixed with the increasing volume of his voice throughout the song help build up the fast-paced, chaotic energy. “Beats Knockin” lives up to my expectation of an anticipating drop as the beats build up to the climax at just the right pace without prolonging it. The rapid claps, low bass drums and crisp snares add to the hype, and Diplo and Skrillex’s layering of intense sounds along with Garlin’s monotone voice had me fixed in a trance-like state throughout the captivating song. Diplo’s incorporation of Major Lazer elements in “Jungle Bae” will have the past project’s fans feeling nostalgic with Garlin’s calypso-soul vocals and reggaeton-EDM hybrid.

Switching gears to Jack Ü’s calmer side, Diplo and Skrillex feature one of my favorite duos, AlunaGeorge, in “To Ü.” Aluna’s dreamy vocals and George’s synths make “To Ü” sound like their own song. At first I was skeptical about Diplo and Skrillex featuring AlunaGeorge because each partner has his or her own style; I didn’t think that the four artists’ styles would complement each other, but I felt that “To Ü” produced great balance between AlunaGeorge and Jack Ü; Diplo and Skrillex incorporate adequate future bass without overwhelming AlunaGeorge’s harmonious signature sound. “To Ü” gives me hope for Diplo and Skrillex’s future collaborations with other artists I listen to, and I look forward to seeing what they have yet to release with their newest project.

Overall, “Jack Ü” seemed like a typical EDM album. Because I don’t particularly enjoy EDM in general, I wouldn’t choose to listen to the album again. However, it does have a song for everyone, whether you’re looking for new music in prep for that hot summer body or soothing synths to end a long day.

By Ashlyn Montoya, Manager

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