“Ology” introduces Gallant’s talent


Gallant uses his soaring falsetto voice in his newest debut album “Ology” to create lofty, expressive R&B songs with deep, emotional lyrics and jazzy beats that sing to the soul.

The first track, literally named “First,” is completely instrumental and introduces the solitary vibes of Gallant’s contemporary jazz style of music. The following vocal song “Talking to Myself” presents a vibrant mood as drums and an electric guitar play to a swaying rhythm in the background. The instruments mingle to produce a smooth, harmonizing melody that is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating.

In his hit single “Weight in Gold,” Gallant fully takes advantage of his ability to change his voice from a soft croon to a powerful soprano. The song starts out with a blues-like tune coupled with crisp percussion sounds, and Gallant begins to sing in his signature breathy voice that intensifies with passion as he reaches the main chorus. The entire track flows with a continuous cascade of lyrics that repeat the phrase “I’m pulling my weight in gold…but I can’t lift this on my own.” This song especially plucks at the listener’s heartstrings as Gallant tries to convey the struggle of being burdened with personal issues.

As the album reaches a close, the upbeat tone shifts towards more nostalgic, sorrowful vibes. In the duet “Skipping Stones” featuring Jhené Aiko, Gallant weaves alto and high-pitched vocals together to produce a silky smooth song supported by slow bass notes in the background. The melody brings to mind the atmosphere of a golden afternoon—warm, sentimental and gentle. The lyrics lament the wistful feeling of missing something in one’s life, which is appropriate since the song is dedicated to “the lonely ones [on] Valentine’s Day.”

In his first album, the emerging R&B singer Gallant displays his abilities to surpass the limits of traditional musical styles and proves his potential to continue evolving the contemporary style of rhythm and blues in the future. As a profoundly soothing album, “Ology” is perfect for listeners looking to drift off in thought or to find comfort from everyday stress.

By Haixin Guo, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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