One Republic’s “Oh My My” settles at comforting but mundane


“Oh My My” is the fourth album released by the American band OneRepublic that transitions nicely from their previous album. With 16 songs, it is slightly larger than an average album. Despite its length, the whole album is disappointingly full of loud background music that takes away from the main melody itself and doesn’t put enough emphasis on the lyrics. The melodies throughout the album are catchy and upbeat, but the melodies sound like other pop songs previously created by the band. The meanings of the songs are not developed enough because new lyrics and ideas are not introduced after the first few verses.

The first song in the album, “Let’s Hurt Tonight,” begins with prominent guitar instrumental music. Although the melody is uplifting, lead singer Ryan Tedder sings ruefully about a fragile relationship between two people. As the song nears the chorus, the sorrow in his voice lifts and takes on a stronger tone, describing his optimism for fixing the relationship. However, the lyrics of the song are repetitive, and the chorus makes up half the song. There is no doubt that the words fit well with it and tell a story, but a larger variety of words definitely would give the song more character. Overall, “Let’s Hurt Tonight” starts the album off nicely with a sweet and warm melody.

The next song in the album, “Future Looks Good,” opens with quickly changing guitar chords. Tedder’s tone is light and airy, matching the lyrics that talk about the promise of the future. However, this song relies heavily on instrumental background noise because of the overuse of the same lyrics. With its strong rhythm, “Oh My My” also includes more diverse lyrics than the first two songs. The song features the band Cassius, but it is hard to distinguish between two bands’ voices. This decreases the effect of a collaboration, as neither band’s vocal talent is fully displayed.

As the lead single, “Wherever I Go” features a very catchy melody but falls short with its repetitive lyrics. Tedder’s longing tone in the song effectively paints a picture of how he will always be looking for the same deep love in his previous relationship. The album wraps up with “Heaven” and ends dramatically with a background vocalization and a heavy drum beat.

Highlighting the overcoming of problems in love and relationships, the album is an excellent choice for uplifting music. Although it does share a lot of characteristics with OneRepublic’s previous albums, “Oh My My” provides an optimistic look into the future. The album may seem directed towards younger generations, but the songs and lyrics can be enjoyed by all ages.

By Uniss Tan, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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