Taylor Swift jumps into the spirit of Christmas with a new single

After releasing the Taylor Swift Holiday Collection EP in 2007, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her third original Christmas song, “Christmas Tree Farm,” along with a music video Friday, Dec. 6. 

The song begins as a slow viola ballad as Swift sings of the simple memories that she reminisces about during the holiday season. However, she accompanies this with the chiming of bells as the tempo of the melody switches to a faster paced swing after the first verse. 

Throughout the rest of the song, Swift continues the upbeat rhythm with an addition of drums and bells. She includes lyrics that tell of a “Christmas tree farm where the people would come,” which is based on her childhood life of living on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. As she sings this in the chorus, there is a sense of comfort and nostalgia with the jolly beats that accompany it. 

Swift also incorporates elements of romance in this Christmas song as she compares how being with someone brings her “back to that little farm” and reminds her of home. As she sings these lyrics in the bridge, the song also includes backing vocals which accentuate a feeling of togetherness.  

In comparison to her Christmas songs in her EP, the overall tone of “Christmas Tree Farm” demonstrates an idea of maturity as Swift is reminded of simpler times of the past and as she discusses the stress of the holiday season. 

She then ends the song with a repeated chorus of “Merry Christmas,” which fully encapsulates the jolly tone of the melody and lyrics. 

By Sarah Lew, News editor

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