Taylor Swift tells heartfelt tales of love on “Lover”

Two years after the release of “reputation,” country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift released her seventh studio album, “Lover,” Friday, Aug. 23. The album, comprised of 18 tracks, shares stories of inspiration and tales of love.

Contrasting the darker aesthetics and tone of “reputation,” “Lover” features bright, upbeat vocals as demonstrated in the lead single “Me!” The song features Panic! At the Disco singer, Brendon Urie, and is characterized as a bubblegum pop song due to its fast paced tempo and cheerful lyrics. The song introduces an overall feeling of lightness and joy and expresses the importance of understanding self-love and individuality.

However, Swift contrasts the bubbly tone of “Me!” with “The Archer,” a soft ballad backed by synthesizers to accentuate a slow, dreamlike beat. The song is extremely confessional and introspective as it touches on topics such as self-reflection and dealing with insecurities in a relationship. The main focus is drawn to her voice rather than the melody that accompanies it, which develops the personal undertone that the lyrics illustrate.

Swift additionally discusses how the media is often overly critical of successful women in track four, titled “The Man.” Straying away from the topic of love, “The Man” is written in the perspective of Swift if she were a man, as she contrasts how she would be viewed for her talent rather than superficial things such as her clothes. As she passionately sings the lyrics, her vocals are complemented with bright beats from synthesizers.

“Soon You’ll Get Better” is a moving, acoustic piece written about Swift’s parents who were both diagnosed with cancer. Although many of the songs on “Lover” are more lively with a heavier synth background, “Soon You’ll Get Better” is simply accompanied by banjo, guitar and fiddle. Featuring the Dixie Chicks, the song is sung in a country tone that captures a sense of vulnerability and sorrow. As Swift takes several deep breaths throughout the track, the song portrays the strong heartache that people feel during difficult times.

With “Lover,” Swift combines a variety of topics into one album and fully encapsulates the emotions people face during different situations in life.

By Sarah Lew, News editor
Photo courtesy of iTunes

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